How to make money by selling printables

Do you own a blog? You want to make passive income. One of the easiest ways to make money on your blog is to create digital printables you can sell.
The truth is that the simplest way to make more money blogging is by creating printables you can sell. These digital downloads solve a multitude of reader issues and are an easy way to increase your blogging income.
All my best tips and ideas for How to make money by selling printables and add printables to your business. Since I started selling digital downloads on Etsy, my own blog and Shopify I have made 100s of dollars a month!

What are printables?
Printables are printable designs that you can digitally download and use for a whole range of different things. You can find printables for planners, goal-trackers, posters, artwork and loads more. They have grown increasingly popular over the past few years and can be super useful.

How to make printables:
Interested in making your own printables? There are quite a few programs you can use with varying skill levels which are below.
1. Microsoft Office
2. Canva
3. Adobe Programs
4. PicMonkey
5. Google Sheets / Docs/ Slides
6. PhotoShop
7. Illustrator
8. InDesign

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What type of printables can you sell?
There are so many options for making printables, If you currently run your own blog or business, printables can be a fantastic product to sell to compliment your blog or business. Some of them are:

1. Printables sticker
2. Printables party supplies
3. Printables invitations
4. SVG Graphic Files
5. Patterns
6. Excel Spreadsheets
7. Meal Plans
8. Services
9. Ebooks
10. Printables planners
11. workbooks
12. goal-trackers
13. printable quotes
14. posters
15. artwork etc

Where you can sell your printables?
1. on Etsy
The most popular place by far to sell printables is on the website Etsy. You can simply start up your own Etsy shop, create a listing, upload your printable files and then set your listing live. Once it’s live, it will be on the Etsy Marketplace and then anyone searching for the specific type of printable can find your one. Before opening up your shop. I’d recommend having at least 5-10 designs to upload into your shop once it launches so you have a higher chance of getting your first sale.

2. On Shopify
I had a Shopify store up for a while and have slowly let it fade away. Honestly it is not Shopify’s fault, I am just not interested in doing customer support or helping them log in and find their products. Additionally, I have to generate all the traffic to my Shopify store and that can be a challenge.

3. On your Website or Blog
Probably my second favorite way to sell digital products is through my email provider. I use them to do my email marketing, which is tied to being able to purchase digital downloads and then to fulfillment.

Tips For Upselling on how to make money by selling printables

1. Add them to your email list
As you launch more and more products, some buyers will want to buy some or all of them. If you have them on your email list you can notify them when a new product launches.

2. Include a call to action at the end of your digital product.
If you did a great job on a lower ticket item, they may want to buy something more from you when they are done. Mentioning that you have another (higher priced) offering at the end of your product.

3. Give them a coupon or “credit” towards your higher ticket item.
Sometimes all it takes to get someone who likes you to buy is a wee discount. Include a coupon for a discount or even offer to “credit” the cost of the digital item towards them purchasing your higher priced product.

4. Send them to a “survey” at the end
When I do work for people I like to send them to a survey to get feedback on what I did right or wrong. You could include a subtle upsell pitch at the end of the survey.

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Why should you sell printables?
Printable products are one of the easiest ways to make passive income. You create the form, upload, price and then market it. When readers find it is what they are looking for, they buy, download and hit the print button.
There is no inventory to maintain. It is truly the easiest way to make money that anyone can do.
And, if you are a blogger, it makes even more sense to sell these digital products. Why?
If you offer a reader a free item to sign up to be on your list you’ve already offered a printable. You can take a simple idea and expand it, therefore offering a product people will pay you to purchase.