How to Make Money From Gift Card Business in Nigeria

How to Make Money From Gift Card Business in Nigeria
How to Make Money From Gift Card Business in Nigeria

How to Make Money From Gift Card Business in Nigeria
After much research We have come up with the root of gift card business in Nigeria, and here we have some of the most important information about gift cards online trading in Nigeria whether iTunes card, amazon card, steam card, Walmart etc.

Lately, Gift card Exchange or buying and selling gift cards online in Nigeria as a business has been making waves and it will be quite awful not to pay attention to it.
You can swap your gift card for some cool cash. Of course, you have to sell the gift card at a discounted rate, but you will get the money you need to buy whatever you want.

This article summarized the general idea behind How to Make Money From Gift Card Business in Nigeria, the best platform to trade and the most important information you need to know when selling gift cards in Nigeria.

How Is The Business Of Gift Card In Nigeria?

We all know, Nigerians are not so inclined towards making online payments with gift cards. So, when they get a gift card, maybe buy it online or get it as a gift, let’s say iTunes gift card, instead of proceeding to the iTunes store to buy something with it, they prefer to trade it for cash and do something better with the money.

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As regards to this, business minded individuals have set up online platforms to solve this problem, thereby providing an avenue for people to be able to easily sell gift cards in Nigeria without stress.

The Business of Reselling Gift Cards is a big business. This usually involves buying gift cards at a deeply discounted rate from consumers who want to swap their gift cards for cash and selling to shoppers looking for a bargain at a price higher than your purchase price.

This means you could buy a $100 gift card for $60 from someone that needs quick cash and sell to another person for $90 and take the $30 profit.

What Are The Challenges Of Gift Card Business?
Every internet business comes with its own challenges, gift card trading is not left out. Below are some of the challenges you are bound to face when dealing with gift cards:

1. Trust Issues:
There are rippers online who are only interested in scamming your gift cards with the promise of payment but end up not paying for your property. Therefore, you need to be careful when trading online.

2. Rate Issues:
Quite right, you are not expected to get 100% of gift card value when you are trading gift card for cash. But you should at least get a reasonable money value. There are some platforms that offer very low rates, you have to avoid such platforms to make enough profits.

3. Payment Speed:
You should always look out for how long it takes to get your money. On average, redeeming gift card do not take more than a minute. So getting paid should not take more than 5 minutes if you get a good exchange platform.

4.Payment Option:
There are some sites to sell a gift card that offer limitations to payment options. Some offer only bitcoin payment, some only Naira. It is better to use a platform that offers flexible payment options.

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How to Get Trusted platform to sale:

You can ask around if there is a legit buyer around you which you can meet and transact peacefully.
To save you the stress of having to look for the best platform that offers the best trading experience and beats the challenges listed above. We recommend efastexchange. is an exchange platform where you can Buy or Sell your Gift card with ease.
They buy at an amazing rate and accepts many payment methods .

efastexchange Contacts:

Call/Whatsapp: +2348060991753

You can always contact them to sell or buy Giftcard.

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