How To Import From CHINA USA UK to Nigeria

Mini – importation  is the small Scale of  Normal Importation  We hear everyday, Which most rich men in Nigeria are into, Is all about importing Goods/products From Foreign Country (From another Country Down To Nigeria). The difference between them is the start up Capital and The Volume of Product Imported .

Importation Business is one of the most Lucrative Business in Record  Globally, Importation business in Nigeria is considered primarily to be the career of rich businessmen Because  it has highest  record of successful People.

Importation business works perfectly in Nigeria Because Nigeria is a Consuming Country, We depends mostly on imported Goods. A lot of companies and industries that should be producing a lot of things are either dead or not efficient in their production and hence a lot of Nigerians usually depend on imported materials to enjoy themselves or to access quality products.

Another reason why importation business works in Nigeria is because most made in Nigerian goods are fake and don’t usually possess the required quality compared to the same product produced outside the country. Now you see reason why you will succeed as an Importer.

MINI-IMPORTATION  REQUIREMENTS: To start importation business, we need certain basic requirements. These requirements are basic and without them, we can’t start anything. But  No worries, they are what each  and  every one of us can easily get, They are:

  • An Internet Enabled Phone or Laptops/Desktops.

  • Valid Debit Card (ATM Card) For Payments:

  • A Valid Home Address: You need to have a valid Nigeria Address. If you don’t have a valid Home Address, you can make use  of your Office Address or a friends Address which you know that is Traceable and which will be easier for the courier to trace prior to delivery of Your goods.
  • A Valid USA, CHINA Address for shopping in USA or CHINA Website: No Panic, We will get to it.
  • Google Translator (the extension or App) Is For Translating Chinese Sites, Chrome Does that Automatically.
  • Your Startup Capital.

SITES TO BUY GOODS (SHOPPING SITES):  There  are Lots of Shopping Websites to Purchase Goods From, We have Tried many  Of Them , Without much market survey, you  will keep wasting your money buying from sites that sell Goods at very High Price. Some Of The Sites You Can Buy From are:






You can checkout all this listed Sites, All you  Need to do is to signup on them for checkouts, All these sites are nice and sell cheap, But among all of them there are still Kings.

For CHINA:  is the ones I Highly recommend For the Sake of this Tutorial, If you Wish to purchase From china use aliexpress.  Is  for small scale importers / beginners , Is the china  Best/ leading Retailing Shopping site, you can decide to just purchase a Single Item…

There is another Shopping  Site for large Scale Importers , Already Established Importers  ,Where You can order Goods in a large Quantity and At Very Cheap Price, We will Reveal That to you  in our Complete Importation Tutorial.

How To Import From CHINA USA UK to Nigeria (Products you can Import)


  • Phones (Blackberry, android phones etc)
  • phone Memory card
  • Phone accessories (case, ear piece, charger etc) 
  • Laptops
  • Laptop accessories (laptop bags, anti-virus, flash drives etc)
  • Smart phones
  • Bags
  • Suits
  • Ladies Sandals
  • Male Sandals
  • Hair Clippers
  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Computer Accessories
  • Flash Drives
  • External DVD drive
  • Ties
  • Wrist watches
  • Motor spare parts
  • Apple products like iphone, ipad, ipod, Macbook, etc.
  • Designer T-shirts
  • External DVD drive
  • Children clothes
  • Digital Cameras
  • phone Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Uk phones
  • Tablet pc
  • Android
  • Jewelry e.t.c

Nigeria is a consuming  Nation. No matter what you import into the Nigeria, in as much as you know the right market and Audience to sell your goods , you will surely make loads of sales and Huge Profits.


Now I will walk you through , How to purchase From Aliexpress, how to make payments , How to ship To Nigeria Etc, lets Go…

First  Go to and make sure The Site you Entered is the correct Site , Then Click the User icon Following The Blue Arrow. To Register or to Sign In if you already have an Account with

Click Join Free to Register  or Sign in if you already have an account with Fill the Form and Click Create Your Account to Register if you don’t have Account, After registration, Download the Mobile App for Easy Navigation.

When you Log in the Mobile App, The Home Page will look Like this on The  App, Tap on the Menu Icon Following  The  Blue Arrow, To see more Features and To access your Dashboard , From Here you will Fill your Shipping  Address.

Tap on Settings to Complete Your  Account Setup.

Click Account Settings to See Other things to Set up After choosing  Language , Currency and Ship To.. Choose Nigeria for Ship to, Leave currency to  USD.

Clicking Account settings  as shown in Previous Screenshot will take you Here , So Tap On Shipping Address to Fill your Shipping Address.

Fill you shipping  Address, I believe you can Fill it, Its your Address not Mine.

After Filling  your Shipping Address  , Go back to Home ,  Look up to Those  Arrows , Both are Pointing on Search has this amazing Feature of Searching Item With Text and  Image..  You can always Upload the image of Product You want to Check out Following the Red Arrow and Search For It, You can also Enter the Name of the Item and Search.

Looking on This Image, I searched For Men Shoes , Among  the Three Results there is a big Difference. The first 2 has No review, few or no Order, Now Check the Last one I marked,  4.5 Star Review, 1964 Orders That show he is Legit and Trusted. It is Highly Recommended to Always Buy From Seller with high orders and Reviews.

Check The Seller  Rating and Feedback, As you can See This Seller Has Good Feedbacks , So if a Seller Has Good Feedbacks and Reviews, You can Always Buy From Him or Her.

When you Find a Product you Like and Wish to Buy it in the Future, you can always Add it to Your Cart.

Before paying For any Product Always contact The Seller, you can even Bargain The price again, He/she might give you a Discount.

Lastly when you are Done Checking out a Product, Use This Buy Now Tab  to make a Purchase, Here you will Select The right Color or Size of Product you wish to Purchase and the quantity .

For you to buy goods on this Sites, you need to know how to search for the product you want to buy and you need to know how to compare the price of one seller to another Seller so that you can go for the one who offer best and better price, Who has a lot of review /Recommendation from their buyer.

You also need to know how to search for the seller who will ship your product free,  though using Free shipping might Take Time Like 14days to 21days Before it Get to Nigeria. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can use shipping agents that will deliver your goods to you in Nigeria within 3 – 7 day. I will Give You Trusted Shipping Agents( Logistics ) Before The End of This Course.  With Shipping  Agent  All you Need To Do Is To Give the Seller The Logistics China Address, Because Is China To China, The Seller Will Deliver It Fast, Then The Logistics Will Ship It Down To Nigeria.

All you need to do is to contact your Logistics, Collect Their China Address, Send it to Your Seller.

The seller will process the Order according to your Request and Send to your Logistics ,  The Seller Will give you a tracking Number.

Always request for it because your Logistics will always ask for it.

Once your Goods get to your Logistics, They will contact you, For Shipping  Type and price to Nigeria.

There are Two form of Shipment They mostly Provide.

  • Normal Cargo Shipping
  • Express Shipping.

Normal cargo Shipping:  Takes 7days to 18days for your goods to arrive in Lagos and Can be Waybilled  to you Anywhere in Nigeria. Normal Cargo Shipping Price Ranges from $4 – $6 For 1kg and Clearing fee of N400 to N500 per kg.

Express Shipping: Takes 1day to 2days for your goods to arrive Lagos, but the cost is high. When you grow in this business you can use this option or when you have hot in demand products that are very urgent to deliver to your customers.

Express shipping price ranges from $8 – $10 for 1kg and N400 to N600 per kg customs clearing.  24hrs to 48hrs delivery .

Note: Price Differs depending on the Logistics.

Check The Last Page Of This Tutorial  For a Legit Logistics.

Quick Guide To What we Said above About Choosing The Best Seller:

  • Search for The Product by Text Search or Photo Search.
  • Compare the prices and quality of the products/items From Search Result
  • Check if there is free shipping for the product
  • Then check for Top Rated Sellers, Sellers with good/positive feedbacks from their previous sales and transaction with there Customers.
  • Check for the Feedbacks and comments of previous buyers before you place an order for any product or item.
  • Finally, Always send a message to the Seller before you buy from him, maybe to Negotiate price with him or her or to Demand for any other Thing.


Once  you  have  selected  the  items  and  have  confirmed  your order, the  next  thing  is  for  you  to  make  payments.  So  that  the seller will arrange for the goods to be sent to you. There  are  many  payment  methods  on  these  Import  portals  but the  recommended  one  is  using  your  Mastercard  or  Visa  card  to pay. It is convenient, safe and fast. See the screenshot below on how to pay with your ATM Card..

Screenshot From Web:

Screenshot From App

Please  enter  your  details  as  shown  on  your  Mastercard or Visa card(ATM CARD). 

  1. Enter your  First  Name 
  2. Insert your  Last  name 
  3. Enter your  card  number 
  4. Input the  expiry  date  of  your  card  (Month  and  year) 
  5. Turn to  the  back  of  your  card  and  enter  the  3  digit number (CVV) (That’s your Security Code)

Cross check the details that you’ve entered to ensure it is correct. Finally, click “Pay my order“.   Your  card  will  be  charged  If  the  transaction  is  successful, and  your order will be processed.  Later  on  the  Seller  will  send  you  the  transaction  tracking number  that  you  can  use  to  track  where  the  items  is until you receive it.  If he didn’t give you always request for it.

There are many websites for Tracking Shipment, But  I Prefer

Note: If you don’t Have a Debit Card or Doesn’t want to Pass the Stress of Purchasing, You can make Use of Chinese Agents  , They will make a purchase For You and Send To your Logistics. All you Need to Do is to Pay them In NAIRA (most of them have Nigeria Bank accounts), Give them The Product Link or Image and Logistic Address, They will Process Everything  For you and Send to your Logistics, then Your Logistics Will ship Your Goods To Nigeria. Is a Nice Way, and More Comfortable.


When Purchasing Product From These Sites They make Use of  Escrow.

Escrow is a third party arrangement which serve as a protection for buyer and the seller.

Whenever you shop on this shopping website, your money will be hold by escrow and they will release the money to the seller once you receive your product in good condition…

Your money will not be release to the seller if you don’t receive your goods in good condition because they are there to protect you , So you don’t need to  be scared To Purchase, You are 100% Secured.

Another benefit of this website is that, If you order for a goods from any seller and you found out that the seller did not deliver what he or she promised, you can return the goods and they will Refund your Money.

You can Start Taking Action, Start importing from Aliexpress and Sell In Nigeria.


Are you doubting How Lucrative Importation Business  Is , Doubt Not,  This Is a Business That Earned Me N3m (N3,000000) In a Month But There are Other Secrets, All Revealed In Our COMPLETE IMPORTATION  COURSE.  Check This Profit Estimation.

This Watches Cost $12 in Aliexpress, Do You Know How Much It Cost In Nigeria, It Costs N15,000 and Above. Check screenshot Below.

This Person Is Selling It N15,000 in Nigeria.

This Person Is Selling It N200,000 in Nigeria, and People and Buying It, Don’t Let the Logo Confuse You.. It is Called Branding. It Is Covered in Our Complete Tutorial.  Now Check The Price of Dollar to Naira .

Now see  $12 is N4,374 , If you Purchase This Product and After shipping you Spent N6000,

Then Sell it in Nigeria For N15,000, How much Is Your Gain N9,000. If you sell 20  pieces of This, N9000 x 20 = N180,000. and Is Very Possible You Can Sell 20 Pieces of This In  just 1day Depending on Your Targeted  Audience. But this is not Even the Good News.. Check the Screenshot  Below.

Aliexpress .com is Selling it N4374, Now another SITE (Revealed in The COMPLETE IMPORTATION COURSE) is Selling It For 36 chinese Yuan. What is  36 Yuan in Naira? Check screenshot Below.

36 Chinese Yuan Is Just N1,890. Calculate Your Gain Now When You Buy From This Site that Sell Very Cheap. In This particular site, You will Buy Directly From Manufacturers in China. It is Revealed and Explained In Our Complete Importation Course.  That is The Best Place You can Purchase Goods From In China.

SOME OTHER SAMPLES (From Our Secret Store, Is Covered In Our Complete Importation Course):

This Shirt Cost 20 chinese yuan1 chinese Yuan Is approximately N54, Then 20 x 54 =N1080. Wow!! This Shirt Cost Nothing Less than N5000 in Nigeria… Let’s assume your Gain Per one of This is N3000, Calculate your Profit when  you sell  100s Of These.

In China this Product cost $7 to $9 which is Less Than N4000, One of This Shoe Cost nothing Less Than N15,000 in Nigeria. That is the power of Importation.

Just Like The other Product, In China this Product cost $7 to $10 which is Less Than N4000, It Cost nothing Less Than N15,000 in Nigeria.

This Product is From our Secret Store (It is Revealed in our Pro Course) .. 36 chinese Yuan Is N1944 in Nigeria Currency and This Products  Cost N15,000 to N20,000 in Nigeria. Selling One of this Product In Nigeria Gives Nothing Less Than N10,000 Profit, Power of Importation.

This Product is Sold Nothing Less Than N15,000 in Nigeria and in China  is sold at 24 yuan that is N1300.

What do you Think…. I Love Importation Business… Just Imagine Prices!!

This Backpack Cost Less Than N2000 in China, How much is it sold in Nigeria? Nothing Less Than N7000.

This backpack cost 19 Chinese Yuan, That is N1026, and is Sold at N8000 in Nigeria,  Calculate The Profit…. That’s the power of Importation.

This one cost 20 to 26 Chinese Yuan, which is less than  N1500, and is Sold Nothing Below N8000 in Nigeria,  Calculate The Profit….Power of Importation.

Logistics Company Contact  That ship From China To Nigeria as Promised 




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✅How to decide what to sell that will be very Profitable .

✅Chinese Agents Connect e Forwarders (Contacts of Chinese agents that can help Make a purchase and Send to Your Logistics at a Very Cheap Price).

✅How to avoid scams , and unnecessary Charges From Sellers.

✅Ways to source for legitimate chinese manufacturers and have them customize your goods by putting your company name or logo on them (Branding).

✅How to market your Goods and Six (6) best places to advertise your product and Sell massively.

✅Contacts of Shipment Agents (Logistics) That Charge Very Cheap To Ship your Goods to Nigeria.

✅How to build a relationship with Manufacturers and Get Discounts.

✅Take sourcing to the next level and discover how to save time with efficient data management. 

✅How to sell off your products quickly for maximum profit.

✅Free Support From Us (Free Consultance) and Many More..



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